Nae Feart Anymer

Tomorrow morning Scotland will arise, one way or another, as a different nation. A nation that has hit a political milestone in its self-discovery and its desire for self-determination. Over »

A Rails Programmer's Journey into Go (so far)

You might have heard discussion about a programming language called Go (or #golang on Twitter). It was invented by some noteworthy Google staffers 4 years ago to solve large-scale server »

Building a Docker-based MySQL Server

This post continues my travels in learning Docker with the intention of building a full-blown distributable production Rails-stack. In this post I document my MySQL Server setup, at first without »

A Docker Container folder structure that's flexible and scales

Docker doesn't really impose a folder structure on how you organize your containers. You typically want to separate your Docker development environment from your Docker runtime environment even if at »

Easy way to install Redis on Ubuntu 12.04

The steps below are the "easy" way to install Redis 2.2 on an Ubuntu 12.04 system. Be aware that at the time of writing this method will install »