Pirate Sats

Sep 1, 2023 - #bitcoin#lightning#layer-zero#community#football

Pirate Sats is a demo-app to explore the ability for the Bitcoin community to support Real Bedford FC.

In particular, fans can send sats to their players to show their appreciation for their efforts whilst they’re attending a game or watching a stream.

The app can be accessed by mobile phone or desktop browser. To send sats you need to have a lightning wallet installed (e.g. Zeus or Wallet of Satoshi) on your phone or a browser extension (e.g. Alby) on your desktop.

Players can be setup with either a lightning address or a NOSTR account.

To send sats simply tap the player’s avatar and a couple dialog boxes will help you send your sats.

About the Demo (and its limitations)

The idea was inspired by Peter McCormack’s discussions on his What Bitcoin Did podcast.

This app was rustled up to show the core concepts. It hasn’t been battle-tested and will no doubt contain bugs - lots of ‘em.

By default, all the sats currently go to the author (see below). You can change the recipient lightning addresses in the app settings

By default the first 5 players are configured via LN addresses. The bottom 6 players receive sats via NOSTR. This is so we can explore the difference between NOSTR zaps vs direct lightning payments. You’ll need to use Alby for its NOSTR support to zap the bottom 6 players.

Changes to the settings are currently not persisted and will reset when the browser is reloaded. In time the app should be tightly integrated with the football club’s website, so that the team sheet can be updated from game to game.