Ijonas Kisselbach

Hi there.

You've arrived at the personal website of me, Ijonas Kisselbach.

I've spent the last two and half decades leading the development of software products for a number of Scottish startups, including Vamosa and Caseblocks.

I experienced the rise of Java in the enterprise, had my mind-blown by Amazon Web Services in 2006, and discovered the sheer joy of programming with Python and Ruby On Rails a few years later.

In the early 2010s I discovered Go and it became my goto-language alongside Typescript, for backend and frontend development respectively, enjoying the renaissance of typed programming languages.

These days I'm fully involved in blockchain development having discovered Bitcoin in 2017. As they say in the crypto community: I came for the money, but stayed for the revolution.

I run Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum and Chainlink nodes to support those foundation stone networks.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my amazing wife Kirsty, our two kids, and dog.